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2010 Christmas Card.  
With the rise of social network websites... 
with their matrixes of friends, links, and other inter-connections... 
it struck me that the first Christmas was really an expression of God 
reaching out to each of us in friendship and love, 
(and of course offering much-needed help and redemption in the process).  
Add a little "Accept"? button... 
and a pun or two... 
and voila!... the 2011 card.  
Hope you like it... 
and that pondering its offbeat message blesses your heart.  
Oh... and grace is much needed as well... 
since we as humans tend to mess things up quite often.
Here is what the card says on the inside and back...

  The 2009 Christmas Card with a "texting" theme. 
Yeah... we know... the shepherds did not really have cellphones...
but this is probably what the shepherd boy on the lower right 
would have sent if he did! 
At least OMG is used in proper theological context for once!

Here is the inside:

Here is the back:



  The 2008 Christmas Card.  Yes, I know...
A "bailout" theme sounds really odd for a Christmas card at first. 
However, when you think about it.  It was a kind of "bailout" wasn't it? :)
A number of folks have really liked this card.  Here is the inside:



  The 2005 Christmas Card -- perfect for  internet users! ;) Got a lot of
positive feedback on this one.  People enjoyed the humor and the message.


"Has Earth Been Visited by An Extraterrestrial?" 
Yeah, this is pretty "out there" as a Christmas card... 
at least until you read the inside and think "
Whose birthday are we celebrating anyway?"



Cover is above.  Inside is below.

The 2006 Christmas Card has a "Good Shepherd / Bad Shepherd 
(He is the good kind!)" Theme.
A little outside the box again for a Christmas card, 
but God's love and compassion, like a Shepherd,
are why he sent his Son and what Christmas is all about. 
In fact, these are things that
should motivate us in our lives as well. 
Received some good feedback on this one also.


Cover is above.  Inside is below (and below that is the back of the card)


2007 Christmas Card with "Save vs. Delete" Theme. 
This year's card has the traditional Christmas message
-- about what Christmas really means and what motivated 
God to send Jesus -- with a humorous computer theme.
Everyone is familiar with the "delete" and "save" functions, 
but perhaps they will now think about them
in a whole new light?  I think God has more patience 
with all of us than I would if I were running the show! :)

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