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Accounting, Economics, and Finance T-Shirts

Welcome to qShirts!  This is our collection of humorous accounting, economics, and finance related T-Shirts.  If you see one you like, then please click on the image for a close-up view and information about ordering.  You can also put the images on other products and gifts -- like coffee mugs, ties, etc.   If you would like a large quantity of shirts or other products with this image on them or a custom variation, then please let us know at the address below and we may be able to work out a special deal.  Enjoy!  Thinking about getting a degree in business administration in Minnesota?  This may be helpful -- Minnesota Business Administration Programs and Degrees

It's a tough world out there.  Accountants meet it head on.  Here is a great T-shirt for an accountant warrior near and dear to you -- "It's Accrual World.  Study Accounting."  (click on image)
"Although less famous than his older brother Paul, Jim Bunyan was a pretty good accountant." -- Did Paul Bunyan have an accountant brother, Jim, who wielded a giant pencil? Hey -- could be!   Makes a great gift to bolster the ego of the giant accountant in your neck of the woods! (click on image)
T-shirt with a variation on the classic saying about old soldiers -- "Old economists never die.  Their productivity function just decreases."  Perhaps the right gift for a retiring economist near and dear to you? (click on image)
"Beating Projections" -- That's one way to do it! (click on image)
This one makes me laugh each time it see it.  Perhaps a great gift for an economist who is near and dear to you?  "Constant Returns to Scale = Economist on a Diet." (click on image)
"We have identified the variation in Gross Plant and Equipment" -- If that is not a gross plant, I don't know what is!  Perfect shirt for the capital assets manager in your life. (click on image)
The T-shirt features a variation on the old saying about soldiers.   Great gift for a retiring accountant -- if you dare.  "Old Accountants Never Die.  But Their Receivables Age." (click on image)
Does an economist near and dear to you need encouragement?  No Nobel Prize quite yet?  Perhaps this T-shirt is just what they need? -- "Economists never give up slope."  (click on image)
"I see trouble in your Bollinger Bands, a Head and Shoulders pattern, and Bearish Engulfing.  Better check your Moving Average Convergence Divergence and Stochastic Oscillator." -- If you use technical analysis for stock price prediction or have a friend with whom you debate its merits... then this T-shirt may be the perfect gift! (click on image)
A T-shirt whose present value is bound to increase.  Makes a great gift for that special dealmaker you know.  "Finance.  The Art of the Profitable."  (click on image)
"After being turned into a frog, the Prince became a popular securities analyst" -- So this is what happened to the Prince after being turned into a frog and before being kissed by the Princess?  Maybe he should have subtracted depreciation and amortization as well... or even changes in working capital... but we won't quibble, he was ahead of his time!  (click on image)
This T-shirt is emblazoned with -- "Economists know the utility of it all." (click on image)
Think that the field of Accounting does not get enough respect?  Here's the T-shirt for that proud accountant in your family, office, or department!  "Accountants.  Because Some People are Born Ledgers."  (click on image)
Here is a T-shirt for economists and marketing types combined -- "Genuine Inelasticity.  Accept No Substitutes." (click on image)
"The good news is that our earnings are up 182%.  The bad news is that we gave accurate guidance so this was expected and our stock dropped 32%" -- Does it sometimes seems that managing earnings expectations is tougher than creating value?  If you know someone for whom high expectations are a mixed blessing, then perhaps this shirt can bring them a good laugh. (click on image)
This T-shirt proudly states -- "Economists.  Pioneers of the efficient frontier."  Yippie-Ki-Yay! (click on image)
"Economists... experts in smooth and continuous" -- A T-shirt (or mug) with this saying on it might "make a differential" in the life of that special economist who is near and dear to you! (click on image)
Great gift for an accountant.  "Just Accrue It." (click on image)