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Minnesota T-Shirts

Welcome to qShirts!  This is our collection of humorous T-shirts related to Minnesota culture, sports, weather, politics, and more!  If you see one you like, then please click on the image for a close-up view and information about ordering.  You can also put the images on other products and gifts -- like coffee mugs, ties, etc.   If you would like a large quantity of shirts or other products with this image on them or a custom variation, then please let us know at the address below and we may be able to work out a special deal.  Enjoy!  Thinking about getting a degree in business administration in Minnesota?  This may be helpful -- Minnesota Business Administration Programs and Degrees

"Being new to Minnesota, Dave made a big mistake when asked to 'bring a hot dish' to the church supper" -- Maybe you have to live in Minnesota (or be Lutheran?) to get this one, but the folks I have shown it to think it is pretty funny, doncha know! (click on image)
 "Minnesotans Against Global Warming (we'd feel guilty not shoveling snow)" --
(click on image)
Minneapolis skyline in  outline of the city name.  For some reason, I did not put a funny tagline on this one -- maybe I am selling out?  Good souvenir shirt. -- (click on image)
Minnesota-Wisconsin "video game." -- Is the shape of the Minnesota-Wisconsin state border just a coincidence?  We don't think so! ;) -- (click on image)
"Although less famous than his older brother Paul, Jim Bunyan was a pretty good accountant." -- Did Paul Bunyan have an accountant brother, Jim, who wielded a giant pencil? Hey -- could be!   Makes a great gift to bolster the ego of the giant accountant in your neck of the woods! (click on image)
"Minnesota Weather Forecast" -- If you live in Minnesota, you know that the weather can be... well.. unpredictable. This shirt is bound to cause either laughter or long sighs,  depending on the weather at the moment! (click on image)
Grooooaaaan.  Ok, yes, this is real groooaner.   "Come to Minnesota... And You'll Never Walk A Loon."  Sure to evoke more groans per viewer than any of the competition's Minnesota-theme T-shirts.   Perfect for that one-of-a-kind
(thank goodness) lake cabin warming gift!  -- (click on image)
"I did it skyyyyway!" -- Well... it's not Vegas, but its funny, for sure!  Great gift to celebrate a visit Minneapolis! (click on image)
Lost in the boundary waters, Tom was suddenly rescued by the Loon Ranger" -- Only in Minnesota! 
Great T-Shirt for the canoeing enthusiast(s) in the family! (click on image)
Minnesota is known for its weather and high technology, so what better T-shirt to combine both than this one?   In bold letters like a corporate logo it proudly proclaims -- "Minnesota Cryogenic Research" -- and then below you read -- (or as we call it... "going outside") -- (click on image)
"They Came Back!" -- Oh No!  I always wondered where that strange mound in Gold Medal Park came from... ;) (click on image)
 "After Ole stocked the water hazards with walleye and made special equipment, his 'golfishing' course was a big hit with Minnesotans." -- If you live in Minnesota, this T-Shirt should get a belly laugh out of most folks! 
(click on image)
"I [Love] Minnesota" -- This Minnesota theme shirt is sort of funny and bound to cause a double take and grin... but at the same time it is also a poignant reminder of the important role that Minnesota companies have in saving lives around the globe through leadership in health care. OK, back to more light-hearted (no pun intended) stuff.   (click on image)
"After years of complaining about the bugs and no electricity at his cabin, one day Ole discovered an alternative energy course for all Northern Minnesota!" --  I guess if you get enough mosquitos flapping around trying to get in the screen anything is possible?  (click on image)
"Finally they agreed on a retractable roof stadium design -- The Metrognome." -- Yeah, bad pun... but funny. Perhaps the ideal gift for that someone in your life embroiled in stadium building issues?  (click on image) 
"The result of state cut backs, 'Bronzy' was cheaper than his predecessor, but not as popular." -- What can I say?  It was either this or a 'Gopher Broke' T-shirt!  If you know someone advocating for more funding for Minnesota public institutions of higher learning, then this may be the T-shirt for them to use to make a point! (click on image)
"State Fair: Official Utensil" -- What would the State Fair be like without food on a stick? Is it time to finally celebrate the timeless contribution of this versatile culinary tool in fashionable apparel? You betcha! T-Shirt sports a gleaming picture of a stick over an outline of the State of Minnesota. (click on image)
Scientists at Fair Make Amazing Discovery: Deep-Fried Carbs Don't Count!" -- Does your State or County Fair have lots of deep-fried food? Feel guilty eating it even though you love it? No more guilt! Sortof :)  Although of questionable scientific validity, the results reported on this shirt are bound to produce empirically valid laughs! 
(click on image)
"Corndog: Man's Best Friend" -- Shirt features picture of a corndog over an outline of the State of Minnesota to celebrate the high cuisine of the state fair! Are the carbs worth it? You bet! (click on image)
"Minnesota Farmers: Peas Through Strength" -- Hard work getting those crops? You Betcha! Show 'em you are proud to be a Minnesota Farmer with a "Peas Through Strength" Shirt! Makes a great gift too! (click on image)