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Political T-Shirts
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"Swing Voters" -- Some folks are pretty serious about politics... but I think even hardened politicos (perhaps especially them?) will laugh at this design featuring Democrats, Swing Voters, and Republicans.

"Electoral College: vote for the candidate of their choice" -- Want to make a statement about the difference between the electoral college vote and the popular vote? Here's your chance in red, white, and blue with an "Electoral College -- vote for the candidate of their choice" T-Shirt! Also makes a great gift for non-majority voters in swing states!

"American Farmers: Peas Through Strength" -- What can I say? A shameless pun ;)

"Attention To Deficits Disorder " -- If you are concerned about growing federal deficits, then this might be the T-shirt for you to get your message across and make the reader smile at the same time.

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